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Thomas William LGBTQ, Wedding, Event, Singer, Manchester, North-West, Gay
Thomas William LGBTQ, Wedding, Event, Singer, Manchester, North-West, Gay

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


"Time of My Life: The Dirty Dancing Concert" is a lively and nostalgic production that celebrates the iconic music and moments from the beloved movie "Dirty Dancing." Featuring a mix of classic hits and dance routines, it aims to capture the spirit of the original film and provide an enjoyable experience for fans.

A Postmodern Radio is a musical journey that transforms contemporary songs into vintage-inspired renditions. With a talented ensemble of musicians and vocalists, the performance brings a unique twist to familiar hits, blending various genres in a nostalgic and entertaining way. Attendees can expect a dynamic and engaging show filled with creative reinterpretations of popular songs.


All That Jazz | The Big Band Show promises a night of vibrant music and timeless melodies. The infectious rhythms of swing in an immersive experience. From the energetic beats of swing dancing to the soulful sounds. A night celebrating the rich history and enduring charm of these musical genres. It's an opportunity to enjoy the artistry of talented musicians while embracing the lively spirit of swing and the sophisticated vibes of jazz.


Showtime Muscals the captivating concert celebrating the music of Broadway and Film through song and dance. This show delivers a thrilling experience that captures the magic of musicals. Audiences can expect a diverse range of emotions, from heartwarming ballads to show-stopping ensemble numbers, making it a delightful celebration of the theatrical arts.


For Your Eyes Only is a spectacular event featuring the iconic music from the 007 film series. Imagine the thrill of hearing those classic themes performed live. This immersive concert brings the cinematic excitement of James Bond to the stage through the power of music. with such iconic songs as "Goldfinger," "Skyfall," "Live and Let Die. and many more.

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